These Will Help!

How long are the sessions and what formats do you use?

All sessions range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on category of session. I let the client decide if they wish to have a video call or phone call, all done through third-party software. My clients always receive a recording of our sessions to review later.

I'm in college, I can't afford long-term coaching.

I support women in all aspects of development. I’ve helped students with accountability, time & homework management, college entrance, class scheduling & even picking a major or professional school. If 3-6 month coaching is something you can’t commit to, I offer short-term sessions catered to students.

I already have a therapist, are you a therapist?

Some of my clients work with therapists and I think that’s great! I work in conjunction with your therapist to provide coaching around commitments, accountability, life & career. While you and your therapist may work through past issues affecting you, coaching with me is centered around goals, personal success, and building your future. Also, I act as coach and consultant helping you with the logistics.

Do you ever do in-person sessions?

Yes, I do hold private in person sessions depending on your location. Contact me to see how we can make this a possibility.

What does email & text support mean?

It means you may have access to me through text and email Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Expect a response typically within 24 hours. Please use respectfully and accordingly.

I notice you emphasize structure during sessions. Does that mean coaching with you is very regimented?

Not at all! Everyone has their unique set of guiding principles. I understand these nuances and my structure serves as an additional tool to my 1:1 format. Some clients do best shifting perspective each week, while others really like having a solidified action plan with homework or editing essays. You’re ultimately in control of how we spend our sessions together. I just make sure we are always progressing.

What is college planning and how do you help?

Great question! College planning is the process of choosing a college, completing applications, revising essays, answering questions, gathering recommendations, choosing a major, creating a resume & choosing extracurriculars. Even more than that, it’s finding out your purpose, path & interests. I help by being the guiding force that makes sure all the pieces make sense for a successful future. I bring about focus so you can commit to your goals. I don’t apply or write essays for any students. This is collaborative process that allows my clients to assume the role as adult while I advise, support and offer assistance!

Do you offer payment plans?

My rates are in line with the ICF’s average for professional coaches. I’ve spent a lot of time in school and in training to provide services that work. Also, I believe money can be a motivating factor towards your commitment to success. Don’t sweat it though, contact me for payment plan options and pricing.

Do you guarantee acceptance to certain colleges?

All my clients have different goals in mind, therefore, the process of college planning or coaching may look different from client to client. While I don’t guarantee acceptance to schools, I will make sure that a client’s goals match capabilities and strengths. I encourage applying to dream or reach schools with a strong application if they desire.