I’m a College Counselor, Certified Career Coach & Positive Psychology Expert. I help women build bright futures with confidence & success!

Regardless of where they are in their lives, my clients are ready to see the future as it could be. I use my unique strategy to blend scientific coaching methods, consulting, intuition & a dose of accountability to support energetic women who have trouble picturing their future. When we work together,

my clients understand their goals, develop targeted skills, become proactive & get excited about their possibilities.

My amazing clients like to show off!

I never use a cookie-cutter approach and I never leave my clients with analysis paralysis. The result is a lot less procrastination and a lot more fun empowerment. I help with college planning, admissions guidance, student mentoring & career strategy.

See what my clients are saying about me!

By using hidden strengths, abilities & skills, the journey becomes the best part.
The truth is, I’m good at what I do because I’ve been through the confusion myself. I got into anexcellent university only to not know what my passions were. I turned down medical school and spent years chasing my dream of a perfect career. I spent hundreds of hours studying and working to find the “one” career that would make a difference. Turns out, helping women find clarity is exactly what I’m meant tobe doing. It’s no wonder I’ve been doing it successfully all along!

Now, I use my experience, education & expertise to help women just like me find purpose.

My personal success journey was a long road with lots of bumps, u-turns, & speed limits. Like you, I’m human and there were days of doubt. Luckily, I utilized every tool I learned to keep myself motivated and accountable. My previous work, helped me build a unique practice that offers women support to create meaningful futures. I now specialize in areas of college, life & career

Nothing should hold you back from your dreams!

Success doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be all-consuming. It’s different for everyone, and that’s perfect! With the right resources, goals can be manageable, your future can be clear & you can feel positively happy.

I learned there’s no one way, but there’s a better way!

A little more about me…

I’m a graduate of Boston University where I received a B.S. in Journalism & minored in Positive Psychology. I’ve been a copy editor and writer since 2011 and have helped numerous students write amazing college essays. My professional career started as a corporate digital marketing manager in the health & fitness industry. In addition, I’ve completed post-graduate studies in college advising & coaching. I’m certified by the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach and plan to continue furthering my education in this field.
Yoga has always been a passion, so in 2014, I earned my RYT-200as a yoga and meditation instructor. As a coaching & consulting professional, I’m fully committed to providing dynamic support to all my clients because everyone deserves to feel prepared!